MP3Sound Control update: VU - meter with both stereo channels

Comment: peakmeter ( VU - meter ) support for both stereo channels was added in this version

For a full description of new properties and methods please see MP3Sound properties and MP3Sound methods.

MP3Sound Control
MP3Sound Control OCX ver. 1.0.01 with VB5 runtime
MP3Sound Control OCX ver. 1.3.00 with VB6 runtime
MP3Sound Control OCX ver. 1.3.00 w/o VB6 runtime
More about MP3Sound Control ...

A control for playing MP3's
No external Dll's or media players required
Volume control for wave mapper and speakers
VU - meter ( both stereo channels )
Get / set "tagged" information
Search engine for MP3's ...
Registration: US$ 25.00

MP3Sound Encoder update: Encode MP3's from CD direct!

new properties: MP3EstimatedSize & MP3EstimatedTime

MP3Sound Encoder
MP3Sound Encoder OCX ver. 2.1.00
More about MP3Sound Encoder ...

A control for encoding WAV files to MP3's
Encoding WAV files to MP3's directly from CD
Support for Tag ID3v1.1 added in this release
No external Dll's required
No VB runtime Dll's required
Stereo, Dual Channel and Mono supported
From 20 to 320 kBits/s bit rate
32, 44 and 48 kHz sample rate
Registration: US$ 45.00

Advanced Clock Control
Advanced Clock Control ver. 1.2.00 with VB5 runtime
Advanced Clock Control ver. 1.2.00 w/o VB5 runtime
Advanced Clock Control ver. 1.2.00 OCX only
More about Advanced Clock Control ...

A photorealistic analog clock- about 120 diff. properties
There is nothing more to say about - check it out ...
Registration: US$ 19.95

VB5 / VB6 SP3 versions of all controls are available - ask author by Email


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