Help for MP3Sound Control

Version 1.2.00



A control for playing MP3 files.
Retrieving information about MP3 song, settings for volume of speakers and wave mapper
and many more greatly enhances the MP3Soundís usefulness for developing commercial
applications. Easily control your MP3 songs with MP3Sound control.
No external programs
( Windows Media Player, Real Audio Player etc. ) or external Dllís required.

About 50 properties, methods and events are at your finger tips :


File Name

File Size
228 kb

Object Type

VB 4.0 and up, VC++, MS Office 97 and up, Delphi

MP3Sound Control plays MP3 files from Visual Basic programs

Distribution Note When you develop and distribute an application that uses MP3Sound
Control, you should install the file MP3SOUND.OCX into the users Windows SYSTEM
directory. MP3Sound Control has version information built into it. So, during installation,
you should ensure that you are not overwriting a newer version of MP3Sound Control.